[Bug tools/27351] please add a debugedit binary to elfutils

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Thu Feb 18 12:50:54 GMT 2021


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--- Comment #3 from Mark Wielaard <mark at klomp dot org> ---
We should obviously discuss with the rpm maintainers. But I think it might
actually be easier to have debugedit be its own project, just like e.g. dwz is.
Then it can have its own release schedule and the build setup can be small and
easy. Using autoconf autotests will then also be more natural.

And should it just be debugedit itself or also the find-debuginfo.sh script
that rpm ships. That one is more integrated/tied to rpm at the moment. But
might also be useful independently.

If debugedit (and possibly find-debuginfo.sh) would be released independently
of rpm then making sure things keep being compatible is really important. We'll
probably need to add a buildbot that builds/tests the project together for

But first we need to know what the rpm maintainers think of this idea. It would
probably be a good idea to raise this on the
http://lists.rpm.org/mailman/listinfo/rpm-ecosystem mailinglist.

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