Remove misleading XOR

Mark Wielaard
Wed Feb 17 18:40:04 GMT 2021

Hi Érico,

On Wed, 2021-02-17 at 15:15 -0300, Érico Nogueira wrote:
> Em 17/02/2021 13:49, Mark Wielaard escreveu:  
> > -#define NO_RESIZING 0u
> > -#define ALLOCATING_MEMORY 1u
> > -#define MOVING_DATA 3u
> > -#define CLEANING 2u
> > +#define NO_RESIZING       0x0
> > +#define ALLOCATING_MEMORY 0x1
> > +#define MOVING_DATA       0x3
> > +#define CLEANING          0x2
> Shouldn't you keep the explicit signedness of the constant? So 0x0u
> etc.

Yes, that would probably be good. I don't think it matters in this
case. But seeing we explicitly only use 2bits to hold the state it
might be more clear to be explicit about the unsignedness. I guess,
like clang, I see hex constants as just bits without thinking of them
being constant types with a specific signedness :)



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