[Bug debuginfod/27399] dpkg-deb/lzma error when indexing .debs

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Sat Feb 13 18:13:27 GMT 2021


--- Comment #7 from Sergio Durigan Junior <sergiodj at sergiodj dot net> ---
(In reply to Frank Ch. Eigler from comment #6)
> OK, my best guess is a transient low-memory condition.  Just today we found
> bug #27405, which can cause some impressive momentary memory binges in
> elfutils.  Reducing concurrency is one way to limit its impact, as you
> found.  Giving the VM more memory is another: I run it on 16GB 8CPU class
> VMs, scanning even many huge debuginfo files, without a complaint.

I was also considering that this could be a temporarily low-memory thing, but I
don't think so anymore.  I've expanded the VM memory to 32GB now, and I'm still
seeing the errors.

> It might also help reassure here is that if you let debuginfod keep going,
> it'll know that it didn't finish indexing those problematic files, and will
> just retry later.  In the long term (past rescan time), such momentary
> ENOMEMs are not particularly harmful.

OK, good, I thought this would be the case but I did not know for sure.  That's
good to know.

> I can't think of any debuginfod per se changes or bugs in effect here. 
> Maybe scale the default concurrency more conservatively to machine RAM
> rather than solely CPU count?

My current plan is to use the "bsdtar" workaround above, which seems to work
even when I max out the concurrency.  But the debugger in me still wants to
know what is happening...

Anyway, while I agree that this is not a high priority issue (since there are
two known workarounds for it), I think it may be worth mentioning the "bsdtar"
solution more explicitly in the documentation.

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