[Bug debuginfod/27399] dpkg-deb/lzma error when indexing .debs

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--- Comment #3 from Sergio Durigan Junior <sergiodj at sergiodj dot net> ---
(In reply to Frank Ch. Eigler from comment #1)
> Can you check whether dpkg-deb is decompressing all of its content onto some
> RAM-backed filesystem, and running out of space via that (or via consuming
> machine free ram)?

It doesn't seem to be doing that.  My /tmp is not mounted 

> You can try a few things:
> - run debuginfod with a smaller concurrency limit (-c NNN), because the
>   decompression etc. activities aggressively use all your CPUs and thus
>   #CPU * memory, if they can

For completeness sake, I'm running my tests using a VM with 8GB RAM and access
to 10 host CPUs.

Having said that, I've tried specifying "-c 4", and it seems to have mitigated
the problem.

> - instead of 'debuginfod -U' (which uses dpkg-deb as the decompression
>   streamer), use 
>   % debuginfod -Z.deb="(bsdtar -O -x -f - data.tar.xz)<"
>   which causes deb files to be processed with libarchive's frontend
>   (or equivalently, temporarily rename /usr/bin/dpkg-deb while starting
>   debuginfod, so it makes the same inference)

This also seems to work, even without limiting the concurrency.  So far, I
think it's the best workaround/solution.

> - monitor resource usage - particularly ram - during the indexing process

I'm monitoring RAM usage, and it's interesting to notice that in the "normal
case" (i.e., using "-U" and not limiting concurrency), the usage is pretty much
the same as it is when using bsdtar, and it stays well below the limit of the

> - try running elfutils 0.183 debuginfod, which does a touch more
>   filesystem-space monitoring, related self-protection, more 
>   prometheus error metrics

Yeah, I'm using elfutils 0.183 here already.

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