Golang binary dwarf

Manoj Kumar manoj.gurukul@yahoo.com
Sun Feb 7 16:18:15 GMT 2021

 Sure. I will upload them in an hour.
    On Sunday, 7 February, 2021, 09:47:07 pm IST, Mark Wielaard <mark@klomp.org> wrote:  
 Hi Manoj,

On Sun, Feb 07, 2021 at 04:10:20PM +0000, Manoj Kumar wrote:
> I can upload the go binaries. Dyninst libraries have huge size so
> can't send those. Please let me know should I upload the go
> binaries?  Program OutputProgram without linkshared option is able
> to find the arguments of any function and displays number of
> arguments with their names but a program with linkshared option
> can't find any argument.  It's correct that there are less compiled
> units generated for a program with linkshared option. I think go
> binaries generated with linkshared option may have different dwarf.
> How to get the dwarf generated code for any binary? Please help me
> on that. Sorry I'm not aware with this.

Just the go binaries with/without -linkshared option should be enough
to see what is going on.



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