debuginfod client as GDB/LLDB Plugin

Frank Ch. Eigler
Thu Feb 4 18:01:59 GMT 2021

Hi -

> I have been working on a GDB and LLDB python plugin that will bring
> debuginfod to older versions of GDB and LLDB. It's still in the early
> stages of development (no support for source loading, no support for
> Python 2...) but wanted to raise awareness of my work and say thank
> you for coming out with debuginfod!
> You can find it here:

Cute.  I guess it needs the pydebuginfod binding too, which is
somewhere else.  I wonder if a less engineered variant could be even
shorter.  For each debugger event hook of interest:

  - subprocess run  "/usr/bin/debuginfod-find debuginfo /path/to/module"
  - collect its stdout, validate as existing file name
  - submit it to the debugger "target symbols-add {file}" (lldb)

- FChE

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