Will eu-addr2line support debuginfod?

Vitaly Chikunov vt@altlinux.org
Tue Dec 1 14:05:29 GMT 2020


Is it planned to have eu-addr2line supporting debuginfod? I try to
pass '[build-id]@address' (in the same format that eu-stack outputting)
without success:

  # eu-stack -b -p 1
  PID 1 - process
  TID 1:
  #0  0x00007ffa8d4c2886 epoll_wait
  $ export DEBUGINFOD_URLS=...
  $ eu-addr2line '[c017df57d6194b6479cef409cba575bbaa537c94]@0x7ffa8d3c5000+0xfd886'
  eu-addr2line: a.out: No such file or directory


ps. Additionally, I think, it would be extra cool to have addr2line request
functionality added to debuginfod protocol. For example, to request like:
'/buildid/123..DEF/addr2line/@0x7ffa8d3c5000+0xfd886'. Our experiments
show, that to generate KDE stack traces via debuginfod requires
gigabytes of traffic (downloading uncompressed .debug binary), which is
many times more than installing (lzma compressed) -debuginfod .rpm file.
Where, several remote addr2line requests would do the job.

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