[announce] Void Linux debuginfod server

Érico Nogueira ericonr@disroot.org
Tue Nov 24 01:29:26 GMT 2020


I am happy to announce that Void Linux is now hosting a debuginfod
server in https://debuginfod.s.voidlinux.org ! It includes all packages
for which we have debug packages (some packages, like chromium, have
debug package generation disabled), for all of official architectures
and libcs which had build-id enabled in their toolchains (!), which are:

- x86_64 glibc and musl
- i686 glibc
- aarch64 glibc
- armv7l glibc
- armv6l glibc

During this effort, I found out the targets below didn't have build-id's
enabled, and will be getting that fixed as soon as possible. Due to
musl's time64 transition, we will likely do a full repository rebuild at
least for armv6l and armv7l, which will help in getting debug files for
those two up to par with the others:

- aarch64 musl
- armv7l musl
- armv6l musl

At the moment, our gdb package is built with libdebuginfod support, and
we are looking into adding it to binutils and systemtap as well. I was
very interested when I first read about the project, and am very happy I
could drive its adoption in Void.

Thank you all for having the idea, for the development work, and for
helping me with the compatibility patches as well!

Érico Nogueira

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