Removing gnu99 constructs from elfutils

Timm Bäder
Fri Nov 13 14:09:39 GMT 2020

On 13/11/2020 13:38, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> OK. The mail subject is a little misleading, this is far from turning
> the code base into ISO C99. gnu99 is much more than those two features:

Right, I wasn't trying to get rid of all the gnu99 features used in the
code base.

> Personally I think it would be nicer if compilers that claim to support
> gnu99 implemented them all instead of just cherry-picking some.

I agree, but even if clang stops claiming it supports gnu99, we still
need to stop using those features if elfutils should be compile-able
with clang.

> Thanks for splitting this up into easily reviewable patches. I'll go
> over them next week. I haven't immediately seen anything objectionable,
> so I think your approach is good.
> Maybe you can work together with Navin to untangle his large patch in a
> similar way.

I have a local working build now and around 45 patches. I did run into
the test suite failures Navin described however and am now looking at
what exactly is wrong there.

Next week sounds fine with me, I'll wait for feedback on the general
approach before posting the rest of the patches.


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