Indent and formatting of elfutils

Mark Wielaard
Mon Nov 9 17:21:12 GMT 2020

Hi Navin,

On Mon, 2020-11-09 at 22:03 +0530, Navin P via Elfutils-devel wrote:
>    I'm trying to compile elfutils with clang.
>    I haven't written new code but moved code around. In this process source
> code formatting is lost when I moved couple of functions.
> Do you have any indent settings or clang-format or any auto settings ?

Unfortunately (last time we checked) clang didn't support enough of the
gnu99 standard to build elfutils. See the following comment for our
configure check:

# We use -std=gnu99 but have explicit checks for some language constructs
# and GNU extensions since some compilers claim GNU99 support, but don't
# really support all language extensions. In particular we need
# Mixed Declarations and Code
# Nested Functions
# Arrays of Variable Length

You might want to poke the clang developers to make sure they support
those extended GNU C language features. As soon as they do, the
configure check should succeed and you should be able to use the clang
tools to build stuff.



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