[PATCH] config: Conditionalize on LIBDEBUGINFOD instead of DEBUGINFOD

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Mon Nov 9 13:30:24 GMT 2020

Hi Dmitry,

On Mon, 2020-11-02 at 08:00 +0000, Dmitry V. Levin wrote:
> When elfutils is configured using --enable-libdebuginfod
> --disable-debuginfod, that is, when the library is built and
> installed
> but the server is not, it makes sense to install libdebuginfod.pc
> because the latter complements the library rather than the server.
> Likewise, it makes sense to install profile.d/debuginfod.*sh files
> along with libdebuginfod because the library can use DEBUGINFOD_URLS
> environment variable as well as the server.
> This change does not affect --enable-debuginfod mode as the latter
> requires --enable-libdebuginfod.

Given the discussion and your followup patch to not define
DEBUGINFOD_URLS environment variable unnecessarily I pushed your
original patch.



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