** POTENTIAL FRAUD ALERT - RED HAT ** building static libs

Paul Smith paul@mad-scientist.net
Sat Oct 31 20:05:52 GMT 2020

On Sat, 2020-10-31 at 15:52 -0400, Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
> > I'd like to build, just as an example, libdebuginfod as ONLY a
> > static library and link it statically with debuginfod, gdb, etc.
> libdebuginfod relies on a bunch of other libraries (curl and all of
> its dependencies), so a libdebuginfod.a is unlikely to buy you much.

Oh, I'm aware :).

I have all those other libraries built statically as well... they're
pretty easy to build that way actually.

I'm already statically linking libdebuginfod.a with GDB, along with
curl et.al.

But to do it, I need to build elfutils then reach into the build
directory and pluck out the static library and copy it somewhere else
then tell GDB to look there instead.

And, I have no solution for building the debuginfod server itself

> OTOH, libtool is one way to arrange building both .a and .so's from
> such libraries, and propagate dependencies via the .la files.

Well, I've had pretty much nothing but problems with libtool TBH, in
terms of trying to generate general-purpose, relocatable libraries.  In
my experience the libtool solutions always seem to have some hardcoded
paths somewhere that cause me to bang my forehead on my desk.

However, I can work with it if necessary.

I was mainly hoping someone had looked into this already; it doesn't
sound like it.

Thanks for the reply!

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