building static libs

Paul Smith
Sat Oct 31 19:10:20 GMT 2020

Hi all; sorry for the lack of more details on my coredumper library
issue.  I am underwater with other things but I will definitely get
back to that, hopefully next week.

In the meantime I have a question: has anyone done any work to get the
--{enable/disable}-{shared/static} configure options working with

I'd like to build, just as an example, libdebuginfod as ONLY a static
library and link it statically with debuginfod, gdb, etc.

Many autoconf projects accept options like --disable-shared along with
--enable-static to get that kind of configuration.  It seems that
elfutils will always build both static and shared libraries, but it
only installs the shared library.  And of course if both exist the
linker will always choose shared (unless you add extra options).

I see that there's some support for shared vs. static but it doesn't
seem choose-able by the user.

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