Frank Ch. Eigler fche@redhat.com
Mon Oct 26 12:15:58 GMT 2020

Hi -

> > Sure - or could use something like -EPROTO "Protocol error".
> Do you believe  the caller should be able to detect how the connection
> was refused? And if so, is EPROTO the most appropriate error code, or
> should it be something like ENOKEY?

I don't think it really matters to a debugger why exactly a request
failed.  A human user might be able to take different action on an
ordinary 404 (buildid is just not indexed) vs.  other things that
indicate system configuration or connectivity problems, but I wouldn't
bother try to pass maximum curl/http fidelity back through mere errno

Maybe for purposes of smarter clients, we could extent the
debuginfod_client object with the curl return code, and then have
debuginfod-find print that too.

- FChE

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