Writing core files to contain buildids

Paul Smith paul@mad-scientist.net
Mon Oct 26 07:06:24 GMT 2020

Hi all;

I'm maintaining a fork of the old Google coredumper code:

Original: https://github.com/anatol/google-coredumper
My fork: https://github.com/madscientist/google-coredumper

We use this for various reasons rather than relying on the Linux kernel
coredumper and it's worked well for us for many years now.  However, I
would like to start using build IDs in our shared libs and binaries and
to take best advantage of that I need to ensure that the build ID
values appear in the generated core files, which, at the moment, they
do not unfortunately.

I'm hoping someone can point me to some information about what extra
content I need to make sure is preserved in the generated coredump so
that I can retrieve build IDs from it.


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