ELFUTILS / Embedded configuration

Frank Ch. Eigler fche@redhat.com
Mon Oct 12 23:47:47 GMT 2020

Hi -

> While each module is about 64k, in total they take up ~1.1MB [...]

I wonder how you're calculating that.  Here on a relatively fresh
elfutils build tree, backends/*.os totals about 135 KB of .text 
and 20 KB of .data.

> [...] Can I just remove the library files not appropriate for the
> architecture at hand - or should i update Makefile.am - rerun
> automake and do it that way?

Not that easy, there are hard-coded references from
libebl/eblopenbackend.c.  We could certainly consider patches that
make this more flexible (see "--enable-targets=XXX,YYY" on other
toolchain components), where even those few hundred KB are a problem.

- FChE

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