ELFUTILS / Embedded configuration

Maurice Smulders maurice.smulders@genevatech.net
Mon Oct 12 23:14:06 GMT 2020

The current configuration (using buildroot) builds elfutils for lots
of architectures. This is for using minicoredumper on - in our case -
a powerpc platform:

safe:/usr/lib/elfutils> ls
libebl_aarch64-0.177.so  libebl_i386.so           libebl_s390-0.177.so
libebl_aarch64.so        libebl_ia64-0.177.so     libebl_s390.so
libebl_alpha-0.177.so    libebl_ia64.so           libebl_sh-0.177.so
libebl_alpha.so          libebl_m68k-0.177.so     libebl_sh.so
libebl_arm-0.177.so      libebl_m68k.so           libebl_sparc-0.177.so
libebl_arm.so            libebl_ppc-0.177.so      libebl_sparc.so
libebl_bpf-0.177.so      libebl_ppc.so            libebl_tilegx-0.177.so
libebl_bpf.so            libebl_ppc64-0.177.so    libebl_tilegx.so
libebl_csky-0.177.so     libebl_ppc64.so          libebl_x86_64-0.177.so
libebl_csky.so           libebl_riscv-0.177.so    libebl_x86_64.so
libebl_i386-0.177.so     libebl_riscv.so

On the local platform there is only a need for libebl_ppc*.so -
nothing else. I cannot find a configure option to limit for that, am I
missing something?

- Maurice

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