elfutils 0.181 released

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Tue Sep 8 12:22:05 GMT 2020

ELFUTILS 0.181 - http://elfutils.org/

A new release of elfutils is available at:
or https://sourceware.org/elfutils/ftp/0.181/

* NEWS *

libelf: elf_update now compensates (fixes up) a bad sh_addralign for
        SHF_COMPRESSED sections.

libdebuginfod: configure now takes --enable-libdebuginfod=dummy or
               --disable-libdebuginfod for bootstrapping.
               DEBUGINFOD_URLS now accepts "scheme-free" urls
               (guessing at what the user meant, either http:// or file://)

readelf, elflint: Handle aarch64 bti, pac bits in dynamic table and gnu
                  property notes.

libdw, readelf: Recognize DW_CFA_AARCH64_negate_ra_state. Allows unwinding
                on arm64 for code that is compiled for PAC (Pointer
                Authentication Code) as long as it isn't enabled.


Alice Zhang (1):
  debuginfod: DEBUGINFOD_URLS should accept scheme-free urls

Dmitry V. Levin (1):
  libdwfl: do not dlopen libdebuginfod.so in --disable-libdebuginfod mode

Frank Ch. Eigler (1):
  PR26195: adapt debuginfod to API change in libmicrohttpd-0.9.71

Mark Wielaard (30):
  tests: Add GCOV flags when necessary.
  tests: Use #/usr/bin/env bash in scripts that use bash
  backends: Make the reloc_nametable zero element an one char array.
  libdw: Add missing FALLTHROUGH in execute_cfi.
  elflint: Explicitly check and ignore elf_compress error.
  libdwfl: When we find a compressed image, use that, don't search for others
  libdwfl: Flag an error if CIE return_address_register is invalid.
  ar, ranlib: Call fchown before fchmod, explicitly check and ignore errors.
  debuginfod: Handle not being able to fopen interval_path.
  debuginfod: Make sure suffix can place zero terminator when copying filename
  debuginfod: Fix build_id hexadecimal length check.
  debuginfod: Make sure handle_data can be allocated and is always freed.
  libdwfl: read_address should use increasing address in intuit_kernel_bounds
  debuginfod: Add --disable-libdebuginfod and --enable-libdebuginfod=dummy.
  libasm: Make libasm.h include work without relying on any other include.
  libdwfl, src: Replace some asserts with proper check or error messages.
  configure.ac: Set -DBAD_FTS=1 also for CXXFLAGS.
  elfclassify: Handle fwrite to stdout failing.
  Only typedef Ebl once.
  libelf: Fixup SHF_COMPRESSED sh_addralign in elf_update if necessary.
  libdw: Rename check_constant_offset to is_constant_offset.
  readelf: It is not an error if there are no line number statements
  libdw: Remove duplicate local wildcards from map file.
  elflint: Handle .debug_line_str as .debug_str
  libelf: Sync elf.h from glibc.
  backends: Implement aarch64_dynamic_tag_name and aarch64_dynamic_tag_check
  readelf: base address entry can be first
  libebl: Handle aarch64 bti, pac bits in gnu property note
  libdw,readelf: Recognize DW_CFA_AARCH64_negate_ra_state
  Prepare for 0.181

Sergei Trofimovich (1):
  elfutils/configure.ac: use $READELF, not readelf
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