[Bug tools/26043] eu-addr2line debuginfo-path option with relative path doesn't find file:line information

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Wed Jun 24 07:07:05 GMT 2020


--- Comment #7 from devel.origin at gmail dot com ---
For that demo the debug files are ending up in a custom directory (the
build-id-demo/.build-id/) for the packge builder to pick up. So they can't be
found by GDB. When packages are installed the debug info is naturally in

To make the GDB work when launching a developer build from the build directory
the build script puts a copy of debug info of all libraries into one .build-id/
on the top level of the build directory (I haven't added this part to the
testcase project). In .gdbinit there is an option to look in current dir: "set
debug-file-directory /usr/lib/debug:.", so GDB finds debug files if the current
dir has a .build-id/ subdir.

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