[Bug tools/25793] eu-readelf -w dumps incomplete even if debuginfod available

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Tue Apr 7 14:10:55 GMT 2020


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--- Comment #1 from Mark Wielaard <mark at klomp dot org> ---
(In reply to Frank Ch. Eigler from comment #0)
> 0.179 eu-readelf -w /bin/ls  on fedora31 x86-64 gladly produces a
> disassembly of the .eh_frame* content of the stripped binary.  However, it
> is unable/unwilling to download debuginfo to fill in for example 'eu-readelf
> -winfo' data.

That is by design. [eu-]readelf just shows the data of the given ELF file. That
is why .eh_frame is dumped, but .debug_frame isn't (if it isn't available as
separate .debug file).

(Note that -winfo doesn't work with eu-readelf:

I think it would be a surprising change if [eu-]readelf would now by default
start looking up auxiliary files to dump data from. But maybe it could do this
in a special mode. There is some precedent to do that with an extra mode, with
--debug-dump=info+ which does lookup split-DWARF (--debug-dump=info does not).

    readelf: print split CUs when given --debug-dump=info+

    To show the difference between "regular" CUs and split CUs print
    offsets and references between { and } instead of [ and ].

    When --debug-dump=info+ is given (implied by -w) instead of
    --debug-dump=info any skeleton unit will be immediately followed
    by the corresponding split compile unit (from the .dwo file).

Maybe we could extend the + notation to other sections which could be looked up
through some extension/auxiliary lookup mechanism from the main file?

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