elfutils 0.179 released

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Mon Mar 30 12:54:26 GMT 2020

ELFUTILS 0.179 - http://elfutils.org/

A new release of elfutils is available at:
or https://sourceware.org/elfutils/ftp/0.179/

* NEWS *


- When DEBUGINFOD_PROGRESS is set and the program doesn't
  install its own debuginfod_progressfn_t show download
  progress on stderr.
- DEBUGINFOD_TIMEOUT is now defined as seconds to get at
  least 100K, defaults to 90 seconds.
- Default to $XDG_CACHE_HOME/debuginfod_client.
- New functions debuginfod_set_user_data,
  debuginfod_get_user_data, debuginfod_get_url and
- Support for file:// URLs.


- Performance improvements through highly parallelized scanning
  and archive content caching.
- Uses libarchive directly for reading rpm archives.
- Support for indexing .deb/.ddeb archives through dpkg-deb
  or bsdtar.
- Generic archive support through -Z EXT[=CMD]. Which can be
  used for example for arch-linux pacman files by using
  -Z '.tar.zst=zstdcat'.
- Better logging using User-Agent and X-Forwarded-For headers.
- More prometheus metrics.
- Support for eliding dots or extraneous slashes in path names.


- Accept /path/names in place of buildid hex.


- Handle PN_XNUM in elf_getphdrnum before shdr 0 is cached
- Ensure zlib resource cleanup on failure.


- dwfl_linux_kernel_find_elf and dwfl_linux_kernel_report_offline
  now find and handle a compressed vmlinuz image.

readelf, elflint:



- Updated Ukrainian translation.


Aaron Merey (3):
  PR25365: debuginfod-client: restrict cleanup to client-pattern files
  debuginfod-client: default to XDG cache.
  debuginfod-client: Update cache_path when the new default path exists

Dmitry V. Levin (1):
  Do not install libdebuginfod.pc unless debuginfod is enabled

Eli Schwartz (1):
  debuginfod arch-linux test binaries

Frank Ch. Eigler (40):
  debuginfod: usability tweaks, incl. $DEBUGINFOD_PROGRESS client
  debuginfod server: support .deb/.ddeb archives
  debuginfod: pass a distro-summary User-Agent request header
  debuginfod: rework threading model for file/archive scanning
  debuginfod: print U-A: and X-F-F: request headers
  debuginfod: extracted-from-archive file cache
  elfutils.spec: dependency typo fix
  elfutils.spec: typo fix
  PR25415: fix debuginfod SEGV for empty search path list
  PR25394: debuginfod mutex between grooming and scanning
  PR25394 followup: debuginfod casting fixes
  PR25394 followup#2: debuginfod casting fixes
  PR25394 cont'd: debuginfod timing fix for fts-traversal thread
  PR25394 cont'd: debuginfod testsuite fix for -USR1 timing
  empty commit for irker test
  debuginfod: diagnostics verbosity tweak
  PR24393: debuginfod configury: tolerate CXX= configure invocations
  debuginfod test: assert curl & rpm2cpio during test prologue
  ChangeLog catchup for two recent commits
  debuginfod: generalized archive support
  debuginfod: testsuite for general archive (arch-linux) support
  debuginfod testing: SIGUSR2 vs "groom" metric synch
  PR25375: fdcache prefetching to reduce repeated archive decompression
  debuginfod PR25583: map -R to -Z.rpm
  debuginfod client API: add get/set user_data functions
  debuginfod client API: add get_url function
  debuginfod-find: Correct error check for -v source combo
  debuginfod-client thinko: non-default progressfn extra output
  PR25367: improve debuginfod webapi logging
  PR25548: support canonicalized source-path names in debuginfod webapi
  PR25548: CURLOPT_PATH_AS_IS backward compatibility
  PR25548: CURLOPT_PATH_AS_IS backward compatibility
  debuginfod: document and workaround fedora31 zstd compression
  PR25583: debuginfod: prefer bsdtar to dpkg for .deb handling
  PR25583: debuginfod: conditionally prefer bsdtar to dpkg for .deb
  PR25448: debuginfod: add transfer performance metrics
  debuginfod: User-Agent and X-Forwarded-For header relay
  PR25722: debuginfod-find: accept /path/names in place of buildid hex
  PR25739: debuginfod correct mtime for fdcache'd files
  debuginfod-client default_progressfn: formatting fix

Konrad Kleine (3):
  debuginfod.h: fix typo in comment: legnth -> length
  debuginfod/doc: Fix typo debuginfo_progressfn_t ->
  debuginfod: file:// URLs: handle curl resp. code

Mark Wielaard (27):
  config: versioned libdebuginfod libraries should not be in -devel
  config: Add an explicit Requires elfutils-debuginfod-client for
  libdwfl: Find and handle compressed vmlinuz image.
  debuginfod: Fix implicit conversion from 'CURLcode' to 'CURLMcode'
  tests: Run elfcompress under testrun in run-elfclassify.sh
  config: Update elfutils.spec with explicit sub-package requires.
  tests: Add break to avoid implicit-fallthrough warning
  tests: Run strip under testrun in run-debuginfod-find.sh
  Make sure to always build with build-ids.
  debuginfod: Check the DEBUGINFOD_URLS environment variable early
  debuginfod: Use DEBUGINFOD_TIMEOUT as seconds to get at least 100K.
  libasm.h: Don't include libebl.h. Define an opaque Ebl handle.
  doc: Fix DEBUGINFOD_PROGRESS description to just mention output
  nm: Fix nm --external sysv format output.
  libdwfl: Fix some GCC10 -Wnull-dereference issues.
  debuginfod: archive processing: handle -Z EXT=cat with direct fopen
  elflint: Check sh_info for symtab isn't too big.
  readelf, elflint: Handle PT_GNU_PROPERTY.
  tests: Explicitly unset DEBUGINFOD_URLS.
  config: Remove rpm, add dpkg as Requires for debuginfod package
  tests: Add testcase for elf_getphdrnum with more than 65535 entries.
  tests: Fix getphdrnum and run-lfs-symbols.sh testcase.
  Update mailinglist subscription info.
  tests: Add missing debuginfod-rpms/fedora31/hello3-*.rpm to
  PR25728: disable debuginfod --port=0
  debuginfod: Document and sanity check debuginfod_add_http_header
  Prepare for 0.179

Matthias Maennich (1):
  libelf: {de,}compress: ensure zlib resource cleanup

Omar Sandoval (4):
  configure: Fix -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 check when CFLAGS contains
  libcpu: Compile i386_lex.c with -Wno-implicit-fallthrough
  libdwfl: remove broken coalescing logic in dwfl_report_segment
  libelf: handle PN_XNUM in elf_getphdrnum before shdr 0 is cached

Yuri Chornoivan (1):
  Update Ukrainian translation

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