elfutils 0.179 release end of the week?

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Fri Mar 27 16:01:58 GMT 2020

Hi Frank,

On Tue, 2020-03-24 at 08:40 -0400, Frank Ch. Eigler via Elfutils-devel
> Are there any other "urgent" bug fixes pending?
> Yeah, a few more debuginfod bits please.  I'll work all out today and
> tomorrow on as many as possible of PR25548, PR25367, PR25366,
> PR25448, PR25583.

Thanks so much for working so hard the last few days. I am afraid I
wasn't as productive reviewing. But I believe we are mostly there:

PR25548 also support canonicalized source-file name lookups in webapi
commit d63a809da467e646480c273b8eb276401679d2bb

PR25367 web request status logging improvements
commit 439641e52a3258ddfa66661f5de8bbcdb1530fc1

PR25366 debuginfod scan: more progress/status
Nothing yet, but is it very urgent?

PR25448 Extend debuginfod metrics
commit 0b9eb740eb8cd86ce3bffd0278135eba98c2e8a2

PR25583 Use libarchive to extract .deb packages
commit bde8d7ec3fb1780f8178586533d76a959bde89ab
commit 426a000dc59bd824de86d20b1e4d772340031067

There are also:

PR25722: /path/name based debuginfod-find & API lookups
Which is fine for debuginfod-find, but I find the new API awkward and
would prefer not to add that part.

PR25369 slice 3/3: debuginfod header relay
Which seems OK code wise, but we are bickering about how to document it
(and whether we can double check the input arguments).

Anything else?

It would be nice to get those last two issues in before the release.
Let them ripe during the weekend to give the buildbots or other testers
some time to digest and do a release on Monday or Tuesday?



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