[Bug debuginfod/25548] also support canonicalized source-file name lookups in webapi

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Sun Mar 1 19:47:00 GMT 2020


--- Comment #4 from Frank Ch. Eigler <fche at redhat dot com> ---
Related to this, Eli Schwartz helped identify two separate outright bugs in the
code that touch on this problem.

The debuginfod-client.c curl api code neglects to pass CURLOPT_PATH_AS_IS, so
source file references with /../ bits in them get collapsed.  This is the
opposite of what the webapi docs say.

The above bug hid a separate bug in the server.  There, an inconsistent
canonicalization rule is in effect with archives.  srefs are uncanonicalized,
but sdefs are canonicalized.  That makes those source queries unsatisfiable. 

The cure should consist of:

- adding CURLOPT_PATH_AS_IS to the client, where I swear it was at one point
- teaching the server to store both canonicalized AND uncanonicalized
artifactsrc names in the _f_s and _r_sref tables (so up to two rows instead of
just one)

and then bob will in fact be our uncle.

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