PR25369 rfc: debuginfod client api extension for progressfn prettying etc.

Frank Ch. Eigler
Tue Feb 25 15:32:00 GMT 2020

Hi -

> > This latter is a bit long and should probably be abbreviated, wdyt?
> Might want to abbrev the build-id part to /81..aa/. The interesting
> part is which server is used imho.

Yeah, OK.

> > +/* Add an outgoing HTTP request  "Header: Value".  Copies string.  */
> > +int debuginfod_add_http_header (debuginfod_client *client, const char* header);
> This one seems different from the others and has a specific use case
> just for the debuginfod server. Are you sure it is generic enough to be
> added as a new public interface? If we add this can we do it separately
> from other debuginfo-client progress improvements?

I think it has a chance to be useful to other clients too, for example
for other proxy / authentication schemes.  And given that there is a
shared library boundary, private APIs aren't in easy reach.
"separately" as in separate commits? ... I suppose, if it really

> > +/* Return currently active URL, if known.  String owned by curl, do not free.  */
> > +const char* debuginfod_get_url (debuginfod_client *client);
> This does seem useful with the comment that was already made, that
> lifetime of the returned string should be documented. I assume it is
> valid to call this after debuginfod_find_* has returned, but before
> debuginfod_end has been called?

Clarified this in a followup patch.  No, only valid during the progress
callback function itself.

> > +/* Set the user parameter.  */
> > +void debuginfod_set_user_data (debuginfod_client *client, void *value);
> > +
> > +/* Get the user parameter.  */
> > +void* debuginfod_get_user_data (debuginfod_client *client);
> In theory I like these additions. But I don't really see the point of
> how they are used. Is the only use case to pass the string "Progress"?

That is for test coverage.

> If there are no real users for this then I think we should not add
> these at this time. Or is some other client using them? I am not really
> against it, but would prefer if we add them separately to keep the
> patches concise.

GDB would use them pretty much immediately, to be able to prepare a
more informative progress notification (like the file name whose
debuginfo is being sought, instead of its buildid).

- FChE

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