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--- Comment #2 from Mark Wielaard <mark at klomp dot org> ---
(In reply to Martin Liška from comment #0)
> In openSUSE, we do face a problem with cyclic dependencies. Many core
> packages like gcc, glibc, elfutils or binutils depend on each other and
> create a cycle. The cycle should contain a reasonable amount of packages.
> When debuginfod was added to elfutils, we would have a huge bunch of
> dependencies caused by libhttpmicro and libsqlite. These have very many
> transitive dependencies.

debuginfod the tool has dependencies on libhttpmicro, libsqlite, libdw and

debuginfod-client depends on libcurl (which pulls in a lot of the crypto stuff
for https support).

libdw depends on debuginfod-client, but only indirectly through ldopen.

It does make sense to put these in different (output/sub) packages.
Which is actually what the sample elfutils.spec file in config/ does.

That doesn't "split" the inputs/dependencies of the source build though. Which
is what you seem most concerned with.

> So that I was forced to split elfutils into 2
> packages: elfutils and elfutils-debuginfod. The later contains all the new
> packages and is not part of the boostrap cycle.
> What's more problematic is that there are (and will be) tools that want to
> utilize libdebuginfod such as Binutils. As mentioned, the tool is in the
> bootstrap cycle and so that can't depend on elfutils-debuginfod.

Do you have a pointer to the spec files you are using now?

> So the question is how to unbreak all these dependencies for future core
> packages?

The GNU Guix people also had some concerns about all the new dependencies and
also suggested splitting the package:

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