patch 3/3 debuginfod client interruptability

Frank Ch. Eigler
Mon Nov 18 02:50:00 GMT 2019

Hi -

> Attached is a variant that adds debuginfod_begin and debuginfo_end
> (names matching elf/dwarf_begin/end) and adds a debuginfod_client
> handle to each other function.

Sure, if you like.  Would you be sympathetic to supporting a
client=NULL entrypoint to the lookup functions, ergo no begin/end, for
applications that don't want a progressfn callback?  That way the
simple case looks simple.

> I think the debuginfod_set_progressfn could use a bit more
> documentation. It isn't immediately clear what a and b refer to. And
> since we seem to use it in different phases maybe it needs an
> "explanation message"?

The man page covers it deliberately vaguely as a rough fraction:
enough info to draw a progress bar, without tying us down to a a
particular ABI.

> diff --git a/debuginfod/debuginfod.cxx b/debuginfod/debuginfod.cxx
> +static debuginfod_client *client;

Note that multiple http webapi handling threads may make
federated debuginfod calls concurrently.  Is it your idea
that they share a single client object?

- FChE

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