eu-dbgserver vs. valgrind --debuginfo-server=ipaddr:port

Frank Ch. Eigler
Fri Sep 20 14:28:00 GMT 2019

Hi, HP -

> Hi.  I attended FChE's debuginfo-server talk at the GNU Tools
> Cauldron (nice meeting you there BTW).

Yes, lovely!

> I happened to re-read the valgrind manpage yesterday (grr:
> --error-exitcode isn't the default) and stumbled upon a "new"
> feature mentioned there: apparently valgrind has a debug-info
> server of its own, for use with its
> --debuginfo-server=ipaddr:port option (in version 3.9.0+).

Heh, I wasn't actually aware of this one, thanks!  Yeah, they're not
compatible or identical in scope, only in inspiration in the problem
space (debug data may be somewhere else).  The buildid-based search
elsewhere in valgrind (find_debug_file()) would be a good place to add
the new quiet call.  If that fails, the old client/server
filename-based logic could still be retained as a fallback.

> (Patches to support valgrind queries you say?  Sorry, can't
> volunteer until I'm done with all my other chores to do more
> than this cursory investigation. :)


- FChE

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