eu-dbgserver vs. valgrind --debuginfo-server=ipaddr:port

Hans-Peter Nilsson
Fri Sep 20 03:43:00 GMT 2019

Hi.  I attended FChE's debuginfo-server talk at the GNU Tools
Cauldron (nice meeting you there BTW).

I happened to re-read the valgrind manpage yesterday (grr:
--error-exitcode isn't the default) and stumbled upon a "new"
feature mentioned there: apparently valgrind has a debug-info
server of its own, for use with its
--debuginfo-server=ipaddr:port option (in version 3.9.0+).

Anyway, I was curious enough to grep the elfutils dbgserver
branch and the valgrind code (auxprogs/valgrind-di-server.c in
git:// but IIUC they're not

I don't see valgrind mentioned in the three dbgserver messages I
see in the elfutils archive, so maybe this feature was unknown
rather than deliberately not supported or out of scope, so...
well now you know, if you didn't.

(Patches to support valgrind queries you say?  Sorry, can't
volunteer until I'm done with all my other chores to do more
than this cursory investigation. :)

Or maybe I misunderstood something, and each has a profoundly
different scope to the other.

brgds, H-P

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