What not as assembler and it's debugger?

Mayuresh Kathe mayuresh@kathe.in
Sun Sep 15 03:44:00 GMT 2019

Since the elfutils project provides a Linux-only tuned edition of ELF 
binary management toolkit, why does it not also include an assembler and 
it's associated debugger?

I understand that the AT&T mnemonics are something of a standard under 
Unix and Unix-like operating systems, and that GNU binutils provides 
"as" for the same, but since elfutils provides replacements for almost 
all of the utilities from binutils why not an assembler too?

Also, if interested in a "assembly language debugger", I would suggest 
ALD; http://ald.sourceforge.net/
ALD is now frozen and almost abandon-ware, but if it could be pulled-in 
and revived as part of elfutils, that would be really big deal for those 
of us who only work with the low-level ELF oriented code using 



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