line info

Sasha Da Rocha Pinheiro
Wed Sep 11 21:52:00 GMT 2019

Hi all,

how do we get the line info range end address for a given line and file?

For instance, gdb adds 2 breapoint to:
(gdb) b /g/g90/devkota1/LULESH/
Breakpoint 1 at 0x4060a0: /g/g90/devkota1/LULESH/ (2 locations)
(gdb) i b
Num     Type           Disp Enb Address            What
1       breakpoint     keep y   <MULTIPLE>         
1.1                         y     0x00000000004060a0 in CollectDomainNodesToElemNodes(Domain&, Index_t const*, Real_t*, Real_t*, Real_t*) at
1.2                         y     0x0000000000409c0c in CalcKinematicsForElems(Domain&, double, int) 

And we find all these locations:
Compilation Unit name:
[403eb0, ffffffffffffffff) /g/g90/devkota1/LULESH/
[405477, ffffffffffffffff) /g/g90/devkota1/LULESH/lulesh.h:233 
[4060a0, ffffffffffffffff) /g/g90/devkota1/LULESH/ 
[409c0c, ffffffffffffffff) /g/g90/devkota1/LULESH/ 

But we need to get the whole range, lower and upper addresses.


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