Buildbot failure in Wildebeest Builder on whole buildset

Mark Wielaard
Thu Aug 29 14:23:00 GMT 2019

On Thu, 2019-08-29 at 13:59 +0000,
> The Buildbot has detected a failed build on builder whole buildset
> while building elfutils.
> Full details are available at:

Well that is unfortunate. The make check (under valgrind) just timed
out. That arm64 machine is really slow. And looking at some of the
other builders I see make check under valgrind (or make distcheck,
which enables the gcc undefined sanitizer and valgrind) became a lot
slower (non-valgrind builds/checks don't seem to be impacted).

It looks like the cause is our self checks. The majority of files we
use for that seem to be exactly those files that became a lot bigger.
Which means the tests use a lot more memory and increases the runtime
(which gets 10x longer under valgrind).

I am replacing some of the self test files with smaller
executables/libraries as attached. Hopefully that will reduce the make
check runtime under valgrind so builder don't time out.


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