[PATCH v2 4/4] Don't use dlopen() for libebl modules

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Thu Aug 29 12:44:00 GMT 2019

Hi Omar,

On Mon, 2019-08-26 at 10:51 -0700, Omar Sandoval wrote:
> Currently, architecture-specific code for libebl exists in separate
> libebl_$ARCH.so libraries which libebl loads with dlopen() at runtime.
> This makes it impossible to have standalone, statically-linked binaries
> which use libdwfl if they depend on any architecture-specific
> functionality. Additionally, when these libraries cannot be found, the
> failure modes are non-obvious. So, let's get rid of libebl_$arch.so and
> move it all into libdw.so/libdw.a, which simplifies things considerably.

Very nice. I had to tweak the top-level SUBDIRS a bit to apply after
addition of the new doc subdir. But it applied as is otherwise. Tested
in various configurations and it seems to do what is expected. And it
also gets us code coverage for the backends. Which is helpful to see
what can possibly be eliminated (both the backends and libebl have some
functions with zero coverage).



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