[PATCH] Begin adding some docs to elfutils

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Fri Aug 23 14:20:00 GMT 2019

Hi Ben,

On Thu, 2019-08-22 at 07:47 -0700, Ben Woodard wrote:
> - Added doc/README
> - Updated doc/ChangeLog
> - Added a eu-readelf manpage based on the one from binutils.
> - Added a brand new manpage for eu-elfclassify the new utility added
> in 0.177
> - Add some new files in the doc directory and sync makefile with
> upstream.
> - Reenable the compilation of doc directory.
> - Disable sgml file building
> - Build man pages the automake way

This is great. We definitely need more (any!) documentation.

The build changes look OK.

But I do have some questions about the reuse of the binutils readelf
documentation for eu-readelf.

In theory the (re)use of GFDL documentation (with no invariants) is
fine. But then we do also need to ship a copy of the GFDL, please do
add it.

Also, the GFDL requires us shipping a "Transparent" copy of the
Document. We only distribute the nroff generated version. I guess that
is a "Transparent" since it is a "format whose specification is
available to the general public, that is suitable for revising the
document straightforwardly with generic text editors". But the original
from binutils says: "Automatically generated by Pod::Man 2.27
(Pod::Simple 3.28)". So, that does imply that at least he upstream
binutils copy was generated from another format. I am not sure that
makes out copy "Opaque", but should we generate it from the same
original source instead?

The eu-readelf.1 manual lists various arguments/flags we don't actually
support like --dwarf-depth and --dwarf-start. And is missing some which
we do support like --dwarf-skeleton and --elf-section. I would like to
see that corrected before it gets checked in.

Also we do use a Signed-off-by tag for commits to show the origins of
each patch. Please read:
And add one if you agree.



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