elfutils 0.177 released

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Wed Aug 14 13:08:00 GMT 2019

ELFUTILS 0.177 - http://elfutils.org/

A new release of elfutils is available at:
or https://sourceware.org/elfutils/ftp/0.177/

* NEWS *

elfclassify: New tool to analyze ELF objects.

readelf: Print DW_AT_data_member_location as decimal offset.
         Decode DW_AT_discr_list block attributes.

libdw: Add DW_AT_GNU_numerator, DW_AT_GNU_denominator and DW_AT_GNU_bias.

libdwelf: Add dwelf_elf_e_machine_string.
          dwelf_elf_begin now only returns NULL when there is an error
          reading or decompressing a file. If the file is not an ELF file
          an ELF handle of type ELF_K_NONE is returned.

backends: Add support for C-SKY.


Florian Weimer (1):
  elfclassify: New tool to analyze ELF objects.

Mao Han (2):
  libelf: Sync elf.h from glibc
  Add backend support for C-SKY

Mark Wielaard (42):
  libelf: Handle zero size decompressed data.
  libdwfl: Initialize notes early in intuit_kernel_bounds.
  libelf: There is just one ELF version.
  libelf: Remove unused internal __elf[32|64]_msize functions.
  libelf: Remove unused __elf_xfctstof.
  tests: Remove tgkill define from backtrace.c
  libelf: Fix possible resource leak in elf[32|64]_updatefile.
  libasm: Check return value of gelf_update_ehdr in asm_end.
  libelf: Use posix_memalign instead of aligned_alloc.
  strip: Files with symbols referring to non-existing sections are illformed
  libdwfl: Sanity check partial core file phdrs data read.
  readelf: print_debug_macinfo_section, check cus[0] is not the sentinel.
  readelf: Print DW_AT_data_member_location as decimal offset, not hex number.
  backends: riscv_cfi.c had a bad BACKEND define.
  config: Add git tag --verify to upload-release.sh.
  libdw: Reject DW_OP_implicit_value in CFI.
  libdw: Call check_constant_offset with direct pointers.
  libdw: Remove unused variable initialization in dwarf_siblingof.
  libdwfl: Don't call realloc with zero in cu.c addraranges.
  libdwfl: Make sure to left shift a unsigned 64bit value in expr_eval.
  libebl: Check ebl is not NULL in ebl_symbol_[binding|type]_name.
  elfcmp: Handle bad sections without crashing.
  nm: Simplify naming of invalid sections, check shdr isn't NULL.
  size: Robustify against gelf_getshdr returning NULL.
  unstrip: Robustify gelf_getshdr and gelf_getsymshndx calls.
  tests: Don't printf a known NULL symname.
  tests: Don't printf a known NULL symname in backtrace-dwarf.c.
  libelf: If xlate can only convert the ELF note header, just do that.
  libelf: Add n_namesz offset overflow check to gelf_get_note.
  readelf: Clean up section lists after usage.
  readelf: Decode DW_AT_discr_list block attributes.
  libdw: Add DW_AT_GNU_numerator, DW_AT_GNU_denominator and DW_AT_GNU_bias.
  libelf: Mark shdr_flags dirty if offset or size changes during update.
  libebl: Try harder to find backend library in bin and lib origin paths.
  tests: elfcopy --reverse-offs should only swap sections next to each other.
  strip don't mmap debug output file.
  stack: Fix error message when dwfl_core_file_attach fails.
  libelf: Fix some 32bit offset/size issues that break updating 4G+ files.
  tests: Add 2GB to mem_needed running run-large-elf-file.sh with valgrind
  libdwelf: Add dwelf_elf_e_machine_string and use it in readelf.
  libdwelf: Make dwelf_elf_begin return NULL only when there is an error.
  Prepare for 0.177

Omar Sandoval (1):
  libdwfl: Fix fd leak/closing wrong fd after dwfl_core_file_report()

Rosen Penev (1):
  lib/color: Fix compilation with uClibc
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