[Bug backends/24488] ebl_openbackend might use wrong library search path

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Sat May 11 15:49:00 GMT 2019


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Factor out loading of ebl backend library and try multiple times with bin/lib
origin paths

I think we just have to try twice. The first time using the $ORIGIN as if it
came from an executable (in bin/) and then using the $ORIGIN as if it came from
an library (in lib[64]/ or lib/<arch>/). So first time using ../$LIB and second
time just with the elfutils EBL_SUBDIR.

The first is what we do now and always work on multilib systems. The second try
works when loading relative to a library whether on a multilib or multiarch

Then we use the same fallback (not using any path) we used already (to take
advantage of any RPATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting).

Could someone try this out on a Debian based system to see if it works as

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