[Bug general/24000] couple of testsuite fails with uclibc library

Ulf Hermann ulf.hermann@qt.io
Tue Feb 19 08:00:00 GMT 2019


>>> Don't disable symbol versioning, without it binary compatibility is broken.
>> As per the following commit disabled symbol versioning for uclibc
>> https://sourceware.org/git/?p=elfutils.git;a=commit;
>> h=bafacacaf7659a4933604662daba26a480b29a8d
>> with uclibc,the test suite hangs in middle when compiled with Symbol
>> versioning
> hmmm. I think that commit might have been a mistake in hindsight.

The option to disable symbol versioning is appreciated here. I don't 
think it's a mistake. There are platforms which don't support symbol 
versioning at all.


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