dwfl_link_map_report() on a core file with sysroot? Opens the wrong solibs?

Luke Diamand luke@diamand.org
Thu Dec 13 20:27:00 GMT 2018

I'm trying to get callstacks out of a core file using libdwfl where
the ELF files live in a sysroot (and are from a different
architecture, ARM).

I'm possibly doing something stupid as I find that
dwfl_link_map_report() opens /lib/libpthread.so on the *host* rather
than the libpthread.so from my sysroot. It obviously doesn't then get
very far.

I called elf_begin(), dwfl_begin() and then dwfl_core_file_report(),
passing in the path to the executable (in the sysroot).

There's a comment in link_map.c around line 390 which says:

// XXX hook for sysroot

So inspired by this, I hacked in some code to open files relative to
my sysroot and it all started working.

Am I just missing some obvious setup, or is this just missing sysroot support?


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