[Bug tools/23673] TEST ./tests/backtrace-dwarf fails on s390x in at least 0.173

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Tue Oct 16 00:13:00 GMT 2018


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--- Comment #19 from Michael Hudson-Doyle <michael.hudson at canonical dot com> ---
I see a similar looking failure on arm64 on Ubuntu 18.10:


I've gdb-ed this to the point that the key difference between a working system
(Ubuntu 18.04) and the failing one is that libc.so.6 has a lot more entries in
.eh_frame_hdr in the failing system. On 18.04 it fails to find a fde for
abort() (or raise, I think) and unwinds using .debug_frame and that succeeds.
On 18.10 it finds a fde for both raise and abort but fails to successfully
unwind past abort using it. I don't know either why the newer libc.so.6 has a
bigger eh_frame_hdr (it is glibc 2.28 vs 2.27 but also built with newer gcc and
binutils) or why unwinding using eh_frame info fails.

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