Handling pgoff in perf elf mmap/mmap2 elf info

Christoph Sterz christoph.sterz@kdab.com
Wed Sep 19 12:12:00 GMT 2018


I work on Hotspot[1] an opensource linux perf aggregator and visualizer.
For this we use perfparser[2], which in turn uses libdw for unwinding.

Recently, we found more and more perf trace-files to use the 'pgoff'
field [3].
This happens especially on newer distros, (arch, opensuse tumbleweed).

We suspect perf to offset its recording-addresses of mmapped
dsos/executables starting with a specific section, such that they denote
their pointers with this pg_offset parameter. (e.g. skipping a library's
header and setting pgoff to the headersize). Although we are not 100%
sure about this information.

The Function I am using here is:
extern Dwfl_Module *dwfl_report_elf (Dwfl *dwfl, const char *name,
                     const char *file_name, int fd,
                     GElf_Addr base, bool add_p_vaddr);

in the specific call I am doing is:

 Dwfl_Module *ret = dwfl_report_elf(
                m_dwfl, info.originalFileName.constData(),
info.localFile.absoluteFilePath().toLocal8Bit().constData(), -1,

and I am wondering how to include the pgoff here.

Simply subtracting it from info.addr results in a lots of "address range
overlaps an existing module" errors, where I guess I subtracted too
much. I know pgoff is in bytes.
Tried adding the offset, also overlap errors.

Ignoring the offset results in errors where perfparser fails to find ELF
for instruction pointer addresses.

I would be happy to hear if anyone has experience unwinding with these
Maybe there is a different function I should use reporting the elf.
Maybe even someone unwinded/parsed perf data before.



[1] https://github.com/KDAB/hotspot
[2] http://code.qt.io/cgit/qt-creator/perfparser.git/
[3] sparse info at

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