[PATCH] libdwfl: Allow partial relocations also for debug files.

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Tue May 29 10:12:00 GMT 2018

On Sun, 2018-05-27 at 14:13 +0200, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> __libdwfl_relocate is called for get_dwarf and get_elf. We allow not all
> relocations to be resolved for Elf files, but required all relocations
> (in the debug sections) to be fully resoled in Dwarf files. This used to
> mostly work out with .o ET_REL files when the main Elf was gotten before
> the Dwarf. But with .dwo files, we (readelf) might open the .o file just
> for the (skeleton) Dwarf. In this case it could happen not all relocations
> in the debug sections could be resolved (.debug_info and .debug_addr might
> contain referenes to undefined symbols). So allow partial relocations
> also for debug files.

Pushed to master.

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