get backtrace of KVM VM from host

Justin Cinkelj
Mon May 21 08:27:00 GMT 2018

(crossposting from KVM maillist)


Is it possible to get stack backtrace into KVM VM from the host side? So 
if I run './stack -p PID' (stack from elfutilfs, I get backtrace of some process. I 
would like to do the same for VM. I can assume VM will run only a kernel 
(a unikernel, like OSv or IncludeOS), so most/all debug symbols will be 
there in a single file, and at least IncludeOS doesnt load any code 
beside its own kernel.

I did notice KVM_GET_REGS and KVM_SET_MEMORY_REGION, and at least for 
trivial examples (like this 
provides enough information to track which code was loaded into VM, 
observe current stack content and registers. I can only guess much more 
work is required to get similar result with qemu-kvm. Hence I'm asking 
if this is already implemented.

Thank you,

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