readelf ignore .debug_pubtypes

Phi Debian
Fri Mar 23 14:57:00 GMT 2018

Hi All,

I am affraid I will ask a trivial question but can't find any pointers.

I am using the latest git available source code for readelf, and build is ok.
DL$ ~/elfutils/src/readelf --version
readelf (elfutils) 0.170

I got a vmlinux kernel with a .debug_pubtypes section

DL$  ~/elfutils/src/readelf -S ./vmlinux  |  grep pubtypes
[44] .debug_pubtypes      PROGBITS     0000000000000000 07336c70
0072cb93  0        0   0  1

DL$ ~/elfutils/src/readelf --debug=pubtypes ./vmlinux  | more
Unknown DWARF debug section `pubtypes'.

Is that expected ?

Thanx in advance,

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