How to associate Elf with Dwfl_Module returned by dwfl_report_module

Ulf Hermann
Wed Mar 21 14:35:00 GMT 2018

> MEH: heaptrack_print | mmap: 56166e9d4000 56166ea39000 | dwfl: 56166e9d4000 
> 56166ea38880
> MEH: | mmap: 7fd0afc6c000 7fd0afe93000 | dwfl: 7fd0afc6c000 
> 7fd0afe920f8
> MEH: | mmap: 7fd0ae16a000 7fd0ae521000 | dwfl: 7fd0ae16a000 
> 7fd0ae5208f0
> MEH: | mmap: 7fd0aea84000 7fd0aee0b000 | dwfl: 
> 7fd0aea84000 7fd0aee0a640
> MEH: | mmap: 7fd0aee0b000 7fd0af087000 | dwfl: 7fd0aee0b000 
> 7fd0af086030
> Interestingly, here the mmap events observed by perf are actually always 
> *larger* than what dwfl sees...

Do those differences map to some specific ELF sections? That is, does elfutils assume some sections are mmap'd even though they aren't or vice versa? As elfutils always assumes pgoff == 0 it should be fairly simple to see which sections those are (right?).


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