Simpler abbrev parsing using less memory

Mark Wielaard
Mon Jan 1 22:59:00 GMT 2018

On Tue, Dec 26, 2017 at 08:38:38PM +0100, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> [PATCH 1/2] libdw: New get_uleb128_unchecked to use with already
>                    checked Dwarf_Abbrev.
> So the first patch introduces a get_uleb128_unchecked function that
> is used for re-reading such uleb128 values.
> The second patch reduces the size of the struct Dwarf_Abbrev by not
> storing the attrcnt and by using bitfields for has_children and code.
> [PATCH 2/2] libdw: Reduce size of struct Dwarf_Abbrev.

I pushed both patches to master.

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