[Bug libdw/22452] Extend ebl_reloc_ hooks with relocations against load address for use in libdwfl/relocate.c

mark at klomp dot org sourceware-bugzilla@sourceware.org
Sun Dec 10 15:45:00 GMT 2017


Mark Wielaard <mark at klomp dot org> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|Failed to obtain CFI data   |Extend ebl_reloc_ hooks
                   |for a OP_call_frame_CFA     |with relocations against
                   |when looking for func       |load address for use in
                   |entrypoc in an s390 kernel  |libdwfl/relocate.c
                   |module                      |

--- Comment #15 from Mark Wielaard <mark at klomp dot org> ---
(In reply to H. Brueckner from comment #14)
> Having explicit ebl hooks would still be nice but I guess will not be the
> top-priority item in the TODO list.  I pursue to integrate my change for
> s390 in the upstream kernel.

I have retitled this bug and will keep it open in case someone has time for
implementing the ebl hooks for relative load address relocations.

Did you manage to get a kernel build change upstream?
It would be nice to point people at it in this bug in case they hit the same
issue. So they know how to rebuild their kernel.

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