[Bug tools/22250] readelf should support --dwarf-start and --dwarf-depth

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Thu Oct 5 16:40:00 GMT 2017


--- Comment #4 from Tom Tromey <tromey at sourceware dot org> ---
(In reply to Mark Wielaard from comment #1)

> Which properties of the above are important to you?
> Is the given selection mechanism of which DIEs to print the most convenient?
> Is it important to suppress header printing?
> Since this really is about printing something after an offset from the start
> of a section, should it be extended to other debug sections?

I implemented this stuff in objdump to support browsing DWARF in Emacs.
The Emacs mode dumps the "outline" of the DWARF into a buffer, then
you can click on a '...' to get more data there.  That explains why
header suppression is done...

However lately I wanted to use this with eu-readelf to track down that
bad DWARF bug: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/44412
In that case I wouldn't care so much about the headers.

But really it would be nice to have it all so that I could port the
Emacs mode to use eu-readelf.

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