[Bug tools/22250] readelf should support --dwarf-start and --dwarf-depth

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--- Comment #1 from Mark Wielaard <mark at klomp dot org> ---
For reference this is the binutils objectdump man page documentation for these
two options:

           Limit the dump of the ".debug_info" section to n children.  This is
           only useful with --dwarf=info.  The default is to print all DIEs;
           the special value 0 for n will also have this effect.

           With a non-zero value for n, DIEs at or deeper than n levels will
           not be printed.  The range for n is zero-based.

           Print only DIEs beginning with the DIE numbered n.  This is only
           useful with --dwarf=info.

           If specified, this option will suppress printing of any header
           information and all DIEs before the DIE numbered n.  Only siblings
           and children of the specified DIE will be printed.

           This can be used in conjunction with --dwarf-depth.

You can specify "the DIE numbered n" as decimal or 0x hexadecimal. It seems it
isn't really the "number" but the first DIE starting after the given offset
from the start of the section data. Also it suppresses printing of the actual
CU headers (which would make it hard with the output format of eu-readelf to
see where a CU starts/ends). It will just continue printing DIEs till the end
of the section.

Which properties of the above are important to you?
Is the given selection mechanism of which DIEs to print the most convenient?
Is it important to suppress header printing?
Since this really is about printing something after an offset from the start of
a section, should it be extended to other debug sections?

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