Latest version of dwarflint?

Mark Wielaard
Fri Sep 29 12:08:00 GMT 2017

Hi Djordje,

On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 03:36:14PM +0200, Djordje Todorovic wrote:
> Please find attached compressed folder with dwarflint patches. I’m sending it in this way because I think changes are not that a small to be sent in a mail body or with git mail.

Thanks. It looks like the mailinglist didn't like the big zip file.
So for now I have put it here:

> All of the patches can be applied on to elfutils-0.170 release. I have run
> dwarflint test suites and all of the tests are PASS at this point.

I haven't gotten them all applied yet.
I am adjusting the changes to the files,
so we don't have generated files in git. And since I am on RHEL7
with an older g++ I had to add some autoconf magic to get C++11 support:

As soon as I have it cleaned up to build I'll add the patches to a
new dwarflint branch.

> Besides bug fixes and code updates, please note a new option added to
> locstats tool (e.g. --sub-category=formal_parameters), which reports summary
> either for formal parameters or local variables.
> Also, I’m working on adding a new option which can preset debug info about
> particular variable of particular function in more “human readable” way. At
> this point, that option can handle only C functions and I’m customizing it
> also to handle methods of C++ classes as well. There can be output more
> additional info, e.g. compilation unit etc. I think it would be very useful
> to users and when I’m done with it, I’ll share it.
> Running the tool on GDB executable with option that I have mentioned looks as following:
> eu-locstats  --show=amd64_epilogue_frame_cache[this_frame] gdb
> Function: amd64_epilogue_frame_cache
> Formal parameter: this_frame
> Low PC: 0x40b4e0
> High PC relative: 0x156
> Range of the function: [0x40b4e0, 0x40b636)
> Location list of the formal parameter:
> 	PC range: [40b4e0,40b504) expression: {DW_OP_reg5}
> 	PC range: [40b504,40b519) expression: {DW_OP_reg6}
> 	PC range: [40b519,40b538) expression: {DW_OP_GNU_entry_value(1) {DW_OP_reg5}, DW_OP_stack_value}
> So, for example, if compiler developers adding a handling of a new DWARF operation, in quick way they can see if there is appropriate information generated.
> Thanks,
> Djordje

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