Latest version of dwarflint?

Djordje Todorovic
Tue Sep 26 11:39:00 GMT 2017

 > Do you have patches against the origin/dwarf branch that contained the
 >original dwarlint? Or against current master (or the 0.170 release)
I have patches that can be applied on top of 0.170 release. I have moved dwarflint and libdw/c++ directories from origin/dwarf branch and then add support in configure and 
makefiles to build it successfully. After that I made some fixes and improvements of the utilities.

 > If you have them in a git branch and it is easy to extract them
 >then using git send-email to this list would probably be easiest. Then
 >we can create a new branch as base to apply them on top.

Yes, I have git branch, but these patches are pretty cumulative and I’m breaking up them into more logical pieces, so it would be easier for maintaining. I will be back in a few days.


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