[Bug tools/21525] Multiple .shstrtab sections since eu-readelf 0.166

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Fri Jun 2 13:26:00 GMT 2017


Mark Wielaard <mark at klomp dot org> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Mark Wielaard <mark at klomp dot org> ---
Thanks so much for identifying the bad commit.
The issue is this hunk from src/strip.c:

@@ -1035,9 +1037,10 @@ handle_elf (int fd, Elf *elf, const char *prefix, const
char *fname,

-  /* Mark the section header string table as unused, we will create
-     a new one.  */
-  shdr_info[shstrndx].idx = 0;
+  /* Although we always create a new section header string table we
+     don't explicitly mark the existing one as unused.  It can still
+     be used through a symbol table section we are keeping.  If not it
+     will already be marked as unused.  */

That comment makes a wrong assumption. We never actually mark the original
.shstrtab as possible removal candidate. So now it is always kept whether or
not there are other references to that sections.

I am testing the following patch which does mark .shsstrtab as a section that
could possibly be removed:

diff --git a/src/strip.c b/src/strip.c
index f747441..4015db5 100644
--- a/src/strip.c
+++ b/src/strip.c
@@ -711,11 +711,13 @@ handle_elf (int fd, Elf *elf, const char *prefix, const
char *fname,
        in the sh_link or sh_info element it cannot be removed either
   for (cnt = 1; cnt < shnum; ++cnt)
-    /* Check whether the section can be removed.  */
+    /* Check whether the section can be removed.  Since we will create
+       a new .shstrtab assume it will be removed too.  */
     if (remove_shdrs ? !(shdr_info[cnt].shdr.sh_flags & SHF_ALLOC)
-       : ebl_section_strip_p (ebl, ehdr, &shdr_info[cnt].shdr,
-                              shdr_info[cnt].name, remove_comment,
-                              remove_debug))
+       : (ebl_section_strip_p (ebl, ehdr, &shdr_info[cnt].shdr,
+                               shdr_info[cnt].name, remove_comment,
+                               remove_debug)
+          || cnt == ehdr->e_shstrndx))
        /* For now assume this section will be removed.  */
        shdr_info[cnt].idx = 0;

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